24 Feb 2019



Being an Entrepreneur in The Bay Area IX 

  That’s right guys, We are making it! Get ready!! Get ready!! Last week’s bullet points: Official partnership with Universe (LiveNation Subsidiary) for ticketing and marketing services for our customers Official partnership with LTB Music Channel to offer playlists to our users in one of…


What these 3 have in common? 

That’s right? Think with me, what these 3 guys have in common? The pleasure, the passion, the joy of attending… AN EVENT! Hell, Yeah! Where did Ashton made the launch of Sound Ventures? At an event. How Mark Cuban found more effective to raise Dallas Mavericks…


The #1 Dreamforce lead-generation tactic 

My first message to you is: If you need a videographer to record your event, customer engagement, small gathering in the DreamForce conference days click here. If you are a business owner, marketing manager, entrepreneur or just passionate about business and you don’t consider using…


How to do an event in San Francisco 

Events as a growth strategy. When most of the people spend time looking on blockchain, fin tech, AI and another tech trends, no one is looking at this one… Events. Almost $1 billion were spent last year in the events industry (corporate events and meetings)…


15 steps to hire an event planner in San Francisco 

Youcanevent.com just launched a successful business model, to fill the gap in the event planning industry. Event planners most of the times are being hired as a contractor, not getting enough work to do on companies. And companies are looking for efficient event planners, that haves…


The Pain Points of Event Planning by Lauren Vang 

The Youcanevent product was developed with under 2 core values: Helping vendors and event planners to get more deals and expose their work portfolio Making it easy for customers to organize any kind of event in any part of the world. Usually, during the week,…

Event Academy, Events

How to plan events without hiring an event agency 

Are you yearning and longing to hold that memorable event without hiring a single event agency? Well, if so, then you are in the right and ultimate place, my dear. Here, we will perfectly outline planning strategies and tips from well-renowned experts that you can…

Event Academy, Startup Life

How to hack Dreamforce 2017 – Part I 

The question on everybody’s mind: How can we stand out at a billion-dollar event, with the Tesla’s or other giant companies with millions in their budget to create the best experiences with customers? How can we be noticed in the middle of hundreds? You want…


Being an Entrepreneur in the Bay Area I 

Like everything in life, every story has her end. The chapter in Honolulu was closed last week, after 3 months of an intense and amazing Accelerator Program on Blue Startups. Now it’s time to close the program with the Capstone week in San Francisco, with…


Being an Entrepreneur on Startup Paradise XI 

(for better experience plug your earphones with this music) Last day in Honolulu, Hawaii. With 25 years old, as Co-founder & CEO of Youcanevent, Inc. I feel blessed. What I’ve experienced this last 3 months, was something unbelievable. We always think that things never come to…


Being an entrepreneur on Startup Paradise X 

July 2nd. Last week in Honolulu, Friday 7th the so expected day, the Demo-day. It seems that was yesterday that I’ve arrived here. The colors, the sound, the smell, everything was so new and so real. I really believe that all the places in the…

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